10 Recipes that celebrate the glorious marriage of cheese and carbs

If you're Banting...look away!

by: Mandy Blankenberg | 20 Jun 2017

It's never easy to follow a low carb lifestyle when you are constantly faced with a multitude of tempting recipes that are packed with carby ingredients - whether it's rice, pasta or simply homemade bread - together with cheese, the mashup is simply marvelous and not to mention irresistible!

Especially when the aroma of a good ol' macaroni and cheese recipe has you hooked to a point where seconds are definitely in order.

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Celebrate the two magical ingredients by prepping some of these delicious bites - and remember you can always return to your low carb substitutes later!

1.Saffron arancini

2. Baked frittata with potatoes beetroot and goats milk cheese

3.Cheese and ham loaded backed potatoes

4. Margherita tray bake pizza

5.Bubbling bacon mac and cheese

6.10 minute cheese and herb rolls

7. Creamy potato bake with caramelised onion

8. Heinstirred's Gourmet stuffed braai loaf

9. Potato gnocchi bake with bacon and sage

10. Citrus risotto

What are your favourite cheesy carb-olicious eats?
Tell us in the comments below!

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