Steak of the Nation

3 ways to cook an incredible steak meal at home.

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Today we're celebrating the glorious steak!

If you're a meat eater, you'll know that there's nothing quite so special as a perfectly cooked, juicy, tender cut of steak - done to your own liking, and slathered in a creamy rich sauce.

We've selected 3 different steak recipes for you to try at home this evening.

And if you're still a bit unsure and a little hesitant... see talented French chef, Franck Dangereux of The Foodbarn, explain all you need to know in this video! And while you're watching videos online, you may want to keep an eye on News24Live's coverage of #SONA2016

1. Roast sirloin with brandy and mushroom sauce 

3. Steak panini and chips



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