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Posted by: marc | 2010/12/15


Lard replacement

What can I use in place of lard when the recipe calls for butter and lard. I do not use Holsum and Crisco I've never seen in South Africa.

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Hi there Marc, Lard is the rendered fat of pigs and gives pastry a unique crispness. I am not too sure why you are not keen on using Holsum (a white hard margarine made of sunflower oil), but that would be my first choice. You could also use Wooden Spoon (another white margarine) or if in doubt simply use butter. You can substitute the butter in a one to one ratio.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2017/08/27

I am in pinetown where can i buy holsum i really need it

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Posted by: Anna | 2017/09/20

Not sure if you found holsum supplier yet, but I got mine from pick and pay the other day.

Posted by: Anonymous | 2017/07/29

Where in PE can I find lard? I need it for soap making projects

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2017/07/25

Im going to make suet balls for wild birds, but it is hard to get suet where I live, what is the alternative, it needs to be quite solid as I live in a warm area.

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Posted by: Ann | 2017/05/30

I remember years back on the Holsum packaging at the back was a pastry recipe, it always worked very well. I have much baking to do at present and know Holsum will work out cheaper than butter. Please help me find a pastry recipe.

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Posted by: Val | 2016/11/28

I was also recommended to use Holsum but the resulting pastry was awful. I'm a really good pastry maker of many years experience so I don't blame myself. It's awful stuff. Lard works inside pastry and puddings because it cooks at a much higher temperature than butter or white vegetable fats. As it does so it creates little pockets of air, hence the lightness and crispness. As far as I can see there is no substitute. And besides, Holsum is made with Palm Oil- one of the most environmentally destructive crops on the planet and not healthy. So I haven't yet found a substitute. There is one manufacturer here but I haven't found a source for their product yet yet. I'm considering rendering my own from the fat around pig's kidneys though I'd really rather not. I have found a source of suet from the UK Emporeum in Cape Town so at least there will be mince pies in my house this Christmas. South Africans- You are really missing something here!

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2016/09/02

Where can i purchase lard in johannesburg

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Posted by: Jenn | 2016/06/26

So far as I remember when I was a child Wholsum was lard not a vegetable fat as it is called today ?

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Posted by: vish | 2015/11/02

Hi All. Holsum back in market and same product and manufacturer as before. Contact me should you need any details s I work for Hudson and Knight who makes it.. vish.singh@hnk.simedarby.com

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Posted by: Lesley | 2015/09/13

I purchased Holsum at Pick n Pay Alberton 12.09.15

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Posted by: Sylvie | 2015/07/27

i am looking for Holsum lard in Jo'burg anyone know where I can purchase some, I live in Kempton Park?

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Posted by: Vish | 2015/11/02

Holsum is back in the market in Pick and Pay and Spar stores

Posted by: Wesley | 2015/07/16

If anyone can help? I would like to make my own plastic/fondant icing however it requires "vegetable fat". I am based in Durban. Can anyone recommend a shop or place where I can purchase this or does "vegetable fat" have an alternative name to it?. Many thanks and look forward to a prompt response.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/06/30

Hi i cannot find Holsum from any supermarkets in Jhb. Has it been removed from all shelves? If so why? I miss it.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/06/30

Can you freeze Holsum?

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Posted by: Vish | 2015/11/02

Did you know that Holsum can be out of the Fridge for 24 months

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/06/06

Can't find Holsom what alternative can be used? Thankyou

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Posted by: Christine | 2015/04/27

Where in Kempton Park or Boksburg South Africa can i buy Holsum ? It's the only lard I use.. Please help me.

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Posted by: Dalene | 2015/04/23

Holsum cannot be found in Cape Town, any idea why it is not available ? Thanks

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Posted by: zelda | 2015/07/20

I still buy Holsum from a little baking shop in Table View. They always have stock. They told me the name of the place that they order from but I;ve forgotton the name now. Maybe u can phone and see where they get theirs from. (Bakers Corner 021 5574922)

Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/02/04

Holsum is NOT made of sunflower oil. It is made with palm oil and palm kernel oil. Using of palm oil products are controversial due to the devastating deforestation and orang-utan populations suffered drastic decrease because of palm. http://www.saynotopalmoil.com

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/11/20

Where can I purchase lard in durban

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2015/01/14

Loafers in Dbn north have 1 liter buckets

Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/06/24

Holsum is made from Malaysian Pal Oil not sunflower oil

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2017/03/14

Small print 'Vegetable Oil'

Posted by: Cheryl Benham | 2013/11/03

Wher can I buy veg. suet? Can I substitute with Holsum white margarine?

Reply to Cheryl Benham
Posted by: VEGETABLE SUET | 2013/11/03

Where can I buy - can I substitute with Holsum Margarine?


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