5 health benefits of your daily cuppa Joe

You and coffee were meant to bean.

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For many of us, there are few things in life as utterly satisfying as that first cuppa Joe on an icy morning. And while caffeine has a history of being blamed for many ills, recent research has actually unearthed a wide range of health benefits associated with a daily cup or two of pure, unadulterated coffee.

These benefits are especially pertinent if you usually have your dose of caffeinated glory without sugar, artificial sweeteners or powdered creamers, as well as take into account that moderation is key. You definitely want to be keeping it to below four cups a day!

The trick to cutting out all of the harmful additives that coffee drinkers usually fall prey to, is to start appreciating the taste of neat coffee… with a dash of fresh milk at the most. To find the one that’s just right for you, try coffees from around the world and in different styles, from instant to beans and ground (all conveniently available from your local Checkers).

Once you’ve found the best coffee to enjoy pure for your particular palate, then your comfort in a mug starts to offer some of the below:

1. Higher energy Levels

Caffeine is known to stimulate the nervous system, increasing adrenaline levels in the blood and boosting physical abilities and energy levels.

2. More brain power
Caffeine is also essentially the most commonly drunk psychoactive substance in the world. Human trials have proven time and again that this stimulant in moderation improves various aspects of your brain, including memory, mood and even general cognitive function.

3. Your fill of antioxidants
It’s also well documented that coffee is one of the healthier beverages prevalent in western diets – based largely on the fact that it contains massive amounts of antioxidants that help fight the free radicals that cause DNA mutation.

4. A longer life  
In two large studies performed over a period of 18 (for men) to 24 (for women) years, it was discovered that drinking this wondrous nectar lowered the risk of death in men by approximately 20%. For women, it was 26% lower! This is particularly due to it lowering the risk of type II diabetes by 30% and of course its beneficial effect on the liver (lowering the risk of developing cirrhosis).

5. Higher fat burning
Several researchers have published studies showing how caffeine can boost the metabolic rate in humans by 3–11%, which in turn encourages fat burning in the body. This makes it one of the very few natural substances that has actually had proven results.
When all is said and done, coffee is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet, if consumed appropriately and in moderate amounts. And on occasion, you can even have a cheat day with some caffeine-infused sweet treats like this cappuccino-inspired tart .

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