3 ultimate gift ideas for the budding coffee fan

You’ll get a latte love in return!

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Ever watched children try a sip of coffee for the first time? There’s an inevitable montage of hilarious facial contortions as they find it absolutely disgusting. As a young adult though, many soon find out that it’s rarely a case of being kind of a coffee drinker. You either are or you aren’t. And if you are, chances are that you’re fairly intense about it.

To be fair, it’s a short jump from your first ever cup to never being able to get out of the door in the morning without one. After all, this quick pick-me-up can be a matter of survival for many enthusiasts. From icy late-night studying to keeping up the pace in a challenging career, going gaga for coffee is totally understandable.  

Bad news? This heralds a lifetime of mitigating a completely unreasonable pre-caffeine alter ego.

Good news? The coffee lovers in your life are REALLY easy to gift for, especially in the early days before they have an armory of equipment and a plethora of preferred beans already collected.

You can also conveniently get your gifts sorted by stopping by your nearest Checkers Hyper, which should have many of the products and ingredients you’ll need to pull off any of the below with cost-effective style and flair.

1. Upgrade their coffee game
Browse the aisles for a medium French press coffee maker (aka press pot), a manual (inexpensive) or an electric (premium) milk frother, a quirky coffee mug and – of course – a great bag of coffee. The Foreign Ground Single Origin range comes highly recommended and is the highlight of The Coffee Collection. And – voilà – you've curated a versatile starter kit to package into a great basket, box or wrapping.  
If you really want to go for the showstopper though, ask after the 3-in-1 coffee makers with milk frothing steam nozzle for cappuccinos included, while you’re in-store. These exponentially speed up the delivery of connoisseur coffee to the early-morning brain.

Either way, just like that, your budding coffee enthusiast will start brewing up his or her own near-barista quality coffee at home or at the office, all thanks to you!

2. Impress with DIY
Sometimes the best gifts in the world are delicious treats or useful crafts that you’ve enjoyed personalising and styling on your own terms.

Hit up the baking aisles and grab some ingredients for a delicious batch of brownie cookies with hazelnut filling, or if you’re aiming for the wow factor, bake an actual cake! You can even use coffee as an ingredient and as a pairing beverage for your delicious gift.  

On the other hand, if you’d rather yarn bomb than bake, a knitted French press or travel cup cover (like a teapot cosy) keeps coffee hotter for longer and can look really cool.

3. Coffee in transit

New caffeine enthusiasts find out at some point or another just how quickly their treasured nectar can turn to mortal enemy when travelling. Spill and searing disappointment ensues. Give the gift of a great travel mug that will not only keep their coffee hot and sips accessible, but also laps free from burns. They’ll love the convenience of enjoying their wondrous nectar on the go. No matter what you choose, giving the gift of coffee will make your loved one espresso their gratitude in no time! If you’d like to know more about how to wake up and smell the world’s finest coffees at supermarket prices, every single morning, keep reading here or watch this video:


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