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They say it takes 10 000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field. Well, Cardhu has been making whisky for over 1.75 million hours. And who wouldn’t want a master at their next dinner party? Which is why Cardhu is giving you the opportunity to treat your guests to an exclusive dining experience.

Everything from the food and drinks to the décor and entertainment will be taken care of – all you’ll have to do is be the skillful host for the evening. You’ll also get to show off with your very own Cardhu connoisseur who will take your guests on a journey of the brand’s rich heritage, demonstrate the iconic signature serve and let them experience the crisp oak and sweet malt flavour of the whisky for themselves.

To apply for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, tell us the name of the matriarch who pioneered the brand. Email your answer to competition@cardhu.co.za, together with your full name and ID number. Promotion runs from 18 April to 30 June 2016. Terms and conditions apply.

And to prepare for your hosting duties, here’s some information on Cardhu to ensure you are always the smartest person in the room:

Cardhu (meaning “Black Rock” in Gaelic) hails from a Single Malt Distillery on Speyside, heart of Scotland’s famous Scotch Whisky region. Cardhu is exceptionally proud of its history and heritage. After all, no other whisky manufacturer in Scotland can lay claim to having two women lead up operations from its inception.

As is typical of a Speyside malt, Cardhu is approachable, sweet, mellow and uncomplicated. Winner of innumerable awards, its smooth, subtle and “chewy” character makes it an ideal accompaniment to sweet, meaty tastes such as hams and meaty canapés. Another delectable way to savour Cardhu is to mix a small sip of it with a dark after dinner chocolate. The chocolate releases the silky texture of the whisky, making it even smoother.

Cardhu is best served in its iconic balloon crystal glass, lightly poured over ice. This signature serve allows the drinker to truly savour the silky smoothness and golden honey tones of the whisky. Drinking from the Cardhu balloon crystal glass also gives whisky lovers the opportunity to appreciate the steady viscosity of the whisky’s beads, while letting them revel in its fruity lushness, which is deliciously contrasted by an underlying dryness. With its heady nose and soft, medium body, Cardhu can be enjoyed with little or no water. But the best way for you to experience all that Cardhu has to offer is to simply try this noble Scotch for yourself.



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